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Creating ideas and building brands

What is ‘’us’’


It’s not about the ‘’me’’ anymore, it’s not about who I am, it’s not about what I do, it’s not about letting you know what a super genius, unique, professional, and funny individual I am or could be. It’s about ‘’we’’.

The community has so much more power than an army of one. Thus why we focused all of our effort on building a team that could achieve every step of the process perfectly.

Everyone has specific strengths, if they’re not doing well in a field it’s not that they’re incompetent or not well intended, it’s only that they are not at the right place.

Humble Entrepreneurs is all about finding the right individual for the right position or place. We believe that this is what defines this group of entrepreneurs.


Creating the perfect environment


One can not expect to succeed if they are not surrounded by the right people. As mentioned earlier, a team has to be composed of different kinds of talents, without them, achieving projects becomes so much harder.

However, teams don’t stick together if you don’t provide them with the right surroundings. Environment is everything, in fact, Constructivisme helps us understand what affects the mindset of our people. The brain cannot create anything that has never existed before. It will always create from a pattern that already exists or a derivative from a previous idea.

The point is, that if we drive people to learn constantly, we get great results in terms of creativity. And if we manage to bring different people from different fields and different background; and we select critical thinking, and high communication skills, as main trait. We create the perfect cocktail for constant creativity.

Humble Media all about reuniting these different types of people together, and making them bond so that they thrive in their field of expertise.


Creating a culture


Creating a culture is like adding some glue between your wooden sticks. Without it, your Popsicle house will never be strong enough. We are aiming for the long term, and creating a culture helps us do that.

Humble Media and Humble Entrepreneurs are all about community and strength empowerment. This is why we choose to not be driven by greed and decided that, if we wanted our community to work well, we couldn't have control over everything.

Every member of the group is an owner of their own company, Humble is actually only a tool to help them achieve their success. On one side of the medal, Humble Entrepreneurs is about empowering the links between our different members. We handpick the most driven entrepreneurs that we met and either make them manage one of our own projects or integrate their project in our group. By having all these different brains bringing their knowledge and expertise, we manage to be specialist in many different fields.

On the other side of the medal: Humble Media is all about giving the highest quality of B2B Marketing services We reunite different types of skills in order to bring real value to our clients. Understanding the different kinds of industries is everything to us. Without it we would never be able to do what we do now. Once we understand your world as a business, we create a custom solution for you so that we can optimize your sales, productivity, branding, and visibility.


The Creators

We don’t want to talk too much about us, so we’ll do it briefly. It all started in 2015 When we closed our first contract. By creating a simple website for a real estate agent we realized that the market was not even close to being up to date → 42% of businesses didn't even have a website.

We know, there are way too many marketing agencies, but here’s the thing: most of them sell the same vanilla-flavored products. They do that in order to cash in a quick dollar, so they sell some basic Facebook advertisement and some quick backlinks to your website. The truth is, without a proper strategy,  these tactics will have no impact your business.

However, even though it can be interesting for some people to make a quick buck, we find the idea of living the long game way more attractive. In order to do that, we have to do one thing: Give the best damn service possible. As a marketing agency, our goal is to make the ROI of our client go through the roof. If they don’t make any return on investment with our services, we wouldn't be able to have them as long-term clients. Which would be pretty bad for a business like ours.

In May 2017 we started our first real Project, as CEO of our own brands, Thomas P. Studler a.k.a. Creator #1 and Emile Van Winden a.k.a Creator #2, we launched Montreal 360. We focused our service in helping small and local businesses to generate online and in-store traffic. By using these kinds of strategies for entrepreneurs, we managed to understand the market pretty well. We caught up fairly quickly on businesses like Yellow Pages, and Resto Montreal. They allowed us to understand that there was a real need for basic marketing services like websites, SEO, and Facebook advertisement. Businesses could end up paying 200 – 300$ per month, for a lifetime, just to have a one-page website that they didn't even own (what a scam ehh…)

400 Clients later, when we really understood the needs of the different businesses and the offers of our competitors, we decided to create our own Tribe. Here we are now, April 2018, our fourth company just opening.


1.Humble Media – High-End Marketing Services

2.Montreal 360 – Local Business marketing

3.Real Estate 360 – Real estate agent marketing

4.HxN – High-End Video Production


And we’re already working on our fifth company. We’ll see where it’ll go on from there 🙂


Thomas Petit

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